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Warehouse Storage Shelves

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Warehouse Storage Shelves.China Guangzhou Heda Shelves Co.,Ltd.specialized in designing Warehouse Storage Shelves, manufacturing and install all kinds of storage and Warehouse Storage Shelves, Is one of the biggest storage manufacturers from China.

Original title: Net port Shenzhen was crowded? Just now, the official statement was released Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Today, # 深圳 口岸 # suddenly went on WeibWarehouse Storage Shelveso. Hot search netizens said that a large number of foreigners entering the Shenzhen port caused congestion and caused abnormal customs clearance at the Shenzhen port. ▽ Is this true? Just now, the Shenzhen Port Office issued a statement saying that the so-called abnormalities in customs clearance at the Shenzhen Port were false.

I think there are several protections that are really necessary to refer to flight attendants: goggles, masks, gloves.It is hoped that the flight attendants, pilots, and passengers will all be well and the patients will recover soon.Warehouse Storage Shelves

Warehouse Storage Shelves

I'm row 67, the last one to get off the plane.Detroit's temperature obviously feels a lot higher than Philadelphia. There are still not many staff wearing masks and gloves at the airport.But on the way to Philadelphia Airport, I received news that the flight would change again: Philadelphia-Detroit-New York-Shanghai.Warehouse Storage Shelves

Warehouse Storage Shelves

The first group consisted of only five people. They were named and disembarked about 10 minutes after landing. I don't know why.Most of them are still waiting patiently. At this time, everyone is using their mobile phones to contact relatives and friends, and then one after another reports sounds of safety. Some people are reporting to the crew that they have a subsequent flight connection, but at this time everyone It is also clear that it is impossible to leave so quickly tonight, let alone make a smooth transition.

Warehouse Storage Shelves

But since my departure is from Philadelphia and there are no flights too close to New York, I have to make a connection in a city in North Carolina that I have never heard of before.

The staff said that, for example, those who went to Beijing, Hebei and other places remotely should run as little as possible. After 14 days of quarantine in Shanghai, they set off for the next destination, and almost all the buses in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai shipping areas came.Original title: Speed ??up virus detection in Malaysia or import rapid test boxes from China and South Korea Local time on the 28th, Malaysia ’s health director Noor Hisham Abdullah confirmed to the outside world that Malaysia ’s health department is currently testing from China and South Korea, respectively. The reliability of the first batch of imported New Coronavirus rapid test kits was introduced for domestic use in subsequent batches.

The health director said that improving the ability to test the new crown virus is an important part of the fight against the epidemic, which has been confirmed by the experience of some countriesAfter the epidemic, colleges and universities have suspended classes, and the number of customers has greatly reduced. He temporarily closed the University City branch.

In the middle and late March, the scope of the epidemic continued to expand. She had no choice but to close the store and even cancelled the takeaway service.The situation of Chinese supermarkets is better than that of Chinese restaurants.


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