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This is a text message distributed by You Qiuyan, the eleventh batch of the Fujian Province Medical TeaGrocery Shelvesm of Nursing Team of Hubei Province, and the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Second People's Hospital Affiliated to Fujian University of Chinese Medicine at 0:45 am.

Shi Anbin believes that although partisan tendencies are very common in American media, market-driven is the constant rule in the operation of American media.Democrats and liberal media are trying to use the outbreak to demonize and destroy the president.Grocery Shelves

Grocery Shelves

△ "Daily Beast" official website screenshot Trish Regan, the female anchor of the Fox Business Channel who once debated with CGTN anchor Liu Xin, broke up with her old family after the program was suspended for two weeks.Regretfully, Liu Xin said: As a graduate of Columbia University's history major, her level should have been higher.According to the New York Times,Grocery Shelves the Fox Business Channel of the United States suspended Tracey's show on the 13th and announced her termination on the 27th.

Grocery Shelves

As a graduate of Columbia ’s history major, she should have been higher. I hope she can be aware of it and be alert. Let us not be dazzled by self and ideology. Facts do not matter, and the truth is nothing.In CNN Business Channel, "How Fox News Misguided the Audience in the New Crown Virus" detailed the evidence of Fox's major anchors deliberately diluting the impact of the outbreak and using the virus to attack the popular party.

Grocery Shelves

Fox executives were pressured by public opinion and advertisers to let her out of class.

Tracey's confidant Liu Xin also expressed disappointment at the WeChat friends circle of this American anchor who graduated from Columbia History: after the debate, I have observed her statement about China on the show, which is becoming more and more hostile.Regarding the report that some hospitals did not issue subsidies on time, the staff member said that as long as they passed the review, they would be issued.

Red Star reporter Li Wentao and Luo Dani click to enter the topic: focus on the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia.The picture has nothing to do with pictures. According to Dongfang IC, netizens told Red Star News reporter that her family members are medical staff of Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital. She has been working in the front line since the outbreak. On the 25th, the salary was not paid normally. The hospital said that it did not pay because the benefits were not good during the epidemic period, but other hospitals in Shiyan City did.

He then returned to Chongqing by train G2887 in the afternoon of the 23rd. He wore a mask and did not leave the seat. After leaving the station, the ambulance contacted by the local community 120 ambulances took him back to Dadukou District to be isolated at about 23:00 that day. He has been living alone and never went out.At present, 22 close contacts have been tracked and determined through epidemiological investigations, including 1 friend, 18 passengers in the same car of G2887, and 2 community workers. At present, all 17 people in the city have been isolated for medical observation. Five people have written to the relevant local authorities for control.


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